If thou return to the Almighty,thou shall be built up,thou shall put away iniquity far from thy tabernacles. (Job 22:23) It is disheartening that many people’s Spirituality has been shattered,battered and scattered,you don’t need to leave Church premises before you backslide,its just a matter of losing interest,showing indifference attitude toward the things of God.

It is said in Psychology that when interest is lost everything is lost The moment you leave God,his power will also depart, a house that is pulled down is in disarray,useless and worth less, a branch that is cut away from the tree will dry off. Backsliding is a state of the heart: The back slider in heart shall be filled with his own way.

When you build again what you once destroyed,you make yourself a transgressor (Galatians 2:18)When prayer life is lost,Bible study become mechanical,how you were burning for evangelism in the past is no longer there,you take delight in materialism than things of heaven, you crave for big things of life: you rejoice in having what give your body satisfaction. You are farther away from God,no wonder there is confusion,commotion and calamity in your life.

Their sorrows shall be multiplied they that follow another idols (psalm 16:4)This day you can return to God by letting the blood of Jesus Christ washes you from all iniquities.

Sin makes you ugly spiritually,it is the reason for hypocrisy that padlock many mouths from evangelizing. When you return to the Almighty,he will redefine your destiny,the bottom line is to streamline for grace value, refine your mind with the word of God,start operating within the confines of Holy Spirit dictates,get connected to to the socket of God’s power,rededicate yourself to prayer and fill your life with burning messages. Run from sin,shun evil companion.

Return to the Almighty for time is very short.

Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure,having this seal,the Lord knoweth them that are his and let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity 2Timothy 2:19)

Thanks for your obedience!

Published by touchdworld

Oduyoye Joshua is a young, vibrant and intelligent minister of the Gospel.He is indeed the Joshua of our time as he always practically express Gods mind as to bringing Gods people back to God and not just vain religion. He is a Writer, a Leadership/ relationship Coach, a Public Speaker, He is a minister of the gospel of Christ with a unique calling to teach with great simplicity, clarity, precision & power. He's the Founder/Teacher of "Immaculate Global Outreach” an interdenominational Christian Teaching Ministry which focuses on disrupting ignorance, touching and transforming lives for kingdom dominion mandate. O. I. Joshua leads the online Campus & Singles world, Koinonia with Christ ,which is also a social media platform for new convert in Christ . His passions to see many come back home to God has got him traveling to different palaces for conference and revival meetings ,He also anchors the yearly young ministers conferences where many had testified to be a blessing . He works and resides in Lagos, Nigeria

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