From the angle of relationship in prayer to the Father………

The very day I became restless and mad was the very day #Pst_Kumuyi stood close to me and said God bless you….First of all, I couldn’t stand on my feet very well, cold gripped me because a Mobile Spirit was Standing by.

Ayayaayayaya, What of when he knelt down for 4days without standing for once groaning in the presence of God and when finally he stood up, the kneel of his trouser has been burnt by fire….Kai….how can a man be this dead to his kneels

Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!, just by passing by the venue of the crusade where he was to minister, A crippled man, paralysed for 22years rose up and ran after his convoy….No prayer……spirit oooooo, In Warri, Nigeria, 4 crippled men on wheel chair jump up simultaneously from their wheel chair just by telling them God will visit you the day after his crusade….No prayer…No prayer Ooooooooo

He has become a mobile Spirit, what of when he is preparing for the December, Easter retreat or any conference, Baba will stop preaching and shut down for weeks, Crying and Praying without coming out…..Ayaya……Baba at his age has not shown any sign of slowing down oooo, spirit ooooooo

How many of us are aware that

#Pst_Kumuyi prays sometimes blocking his ears with ear piece, headphone especially when he is on the way to another program mostly on a minimum of 3hours drive….Kai…..BURDEN

I was privileged to know that once Baba wakes up he is praying, everywhere he is praying, If he doesn’t talk to you, don’t bother saying a word because he will never answer you…..Hmmmmm

Always combusting in the Holy Ghost…..arranging mysterious portals of access to God for men

Everyman who must catch fire must carry BURDEN AND HUNGER, if God can solve the problem of Burden in your life, He has solved every other problem….If God can drive us into the prayer room and keep us there our World would be a better place.

Our generation needs a mad men and women take over the streets, we need abnormal fine boys and girls to take over the streets, hospitals, schools, court room, lecture theatres, radio houses, close down shrines…Kai

Brother, can I tell you something….If you’re still praying with time..Kai….you lack Burden ooo see, you lark burden ….If you’re still praying trying to understand yourself…..Sorry….YOU LACK BURDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

if your tears never run again in the place of worship and prayer….YOU LACK BURDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!,

If you’ve not prayer earnestly to the point that your tongues seized, your words seized that you can’t alter it….So Sorry…YOU LACK BURDEN!!!!!!!!!!…..until you begin to groan daily in your closet….then HUNGER is beginning to come on you


.Evangelist Prince Ekeke will always Cry…..#LordBreakMyHeartAndBendMyKneels…..whenever I hear this prayer….I cry bitterly within my spirit…..He will say….#LordLockMeInsideThePrayerRoomAndThrowTheKeyAway….this means he is ready to Die in the Prayer room…… Jesus I am available to die in the prayer room oooo,

prayer is my issue ooooo, Ayaya, you have to solve this problem in me oo, I don’t have choice ooooo

Jesus Pass through me and do a deep work in me, I rather die pressing into You than be a normal dead Christian existing in my world oooo.

……..GIVE ME BURDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published by touchdworld

Oduyoye Joshua is a young, vibrant and intelligent minister of the Gospel.He is indeed the Joshua of our time as he always practically express Gods mind as to bringing Gods people back to God and not just vain religion. He is a Writer, a Leadership/ relationship Coach, a Public Speaker, He is a minister of the gospel of Christ with a unique calling to teach with great simplicity, clarity, precision & power. He's the Founder/Teacher of "Immaculate Global Outreach” an interdenominational Christian Teaching Ministry which focuses on disrupting ignorance, touching and transforming lives for kingdom dominion mandate. O. I. Joshua leads the online Campus & Singles world, Koinonia with Christ ,which is also a social media platform for new convert in Christ . His passions to see many come back home to God has got him traveling to different palaces for conference and revival meetings ,He also anchors the yearly young ministers conferences where many had testified to be a blessing . He works and resides in Lagos, Nigeria

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