Your pillow, your window( Genesis 28:11-12)

Jacob was passing through the most challenging times of his life, in order to sleep in the midst of trouble and frustration, he used a stone as pillow,slept God talked to him concerning his beautiful future. A stone could be stepping stone or stumbling block,depending on your attitude and character. Don’t let what you areContinue reading “Your pillow, your window( Genesis 28:11-12)”


I took my cloth to my tailor and asked him to fix the little opening near the pocket. The man turned the cloth inside out and then began to TEAR the pocket with his hands… Hah! I was like, “I said you should sew, not tear”. So I shouted, ‘You are tearing my cloth o’.Continue reading “HIS CONCEPT ON HOW HE FIX YOUR LIFE”


TONIC TO COMBAT CHRONIC LIFE’S CHALLENGES prophetic declaration for uncommon grace This day, the enemies of your maximum will be disgraced. I can see you matching victoriously to the place of your glory. Whatever God’s Grace cannot cover will not happen to you. Because you culture divine nature,nurtured and matured in doctrine of the wordContinue reading “TONIC TO COMBAT CHRONIC LIFE’S CHALLENGES:”

Prophetic declaration. GRACE SPEAKS: OIJOSHUA

I SPEAK TO YOU ALL READING THIS THAT BY THE GRACE OF GOD: Your beauty will not fade! Your marriage will not fail! Your strength will not faint! Your Spouse will not fall! Your children will not go wayward! Your home will not lack peace! Your marriage will not lack good honey + MONEY YouContinue reading “Prophetic declaration. GRACE SPEAKS: OIJOSHUA”

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