He is Samuel, because I asked him from the Lord, his mother declared. True to covenant Hannah made with God,she brought Samuel back to God at tender age of 5. There was no account that little Samuel had any formal education but had started hearing from God at 6 years old. He became a National prophet,was inspired to write the Book of Judges that spanned 450 years( Acts 13:20),wrote the Book of Ruth and 1 Samuel Chapters 1-24.

What he did is more than having 5 PhDs. Prophet Samuel, a Seer,writer,Intercessor and a priest; very resourceful and prolific because he was just in God’s presence,focused and no distractions.

As a 21st Century boy,studying with laptop and Technology. You have many things to learn from prophet Samuel that wrote an account of 450 years with precision and accuracy.

Do you know that legacy of honour and integrity you will leave behind is far more important than having first class, working in Oil Company, driving latest Jeep?You need to go back to hard copies, you can’t study from laptop,can only surf information therein, that is why we have inferior Graduates,first class materials without first class intelligence.

To make Samuel out of you,as a digital native, romance with the Bible, read biographies of Great Men and be prayerful. Being a fan of International football club is a distraction, calculating bet naija and all forms of gambling will bury your glory, chasing Girls about will tarnish your glory like Samson,when you avoid write up like this, is love letter to spiritual and academic mediocrity.

Students that hate Mathematics Teachers used to perform woefully therein. Don’t love Jesus by mouth, love him with passion, He is the only Author that has Authority.

Don’t you know you need to prepare for the future ahead? You must transfer Christ’s righteousness to posterity ( Hebrew 1:9) Samuel had gone now more than 3,140 years ago,yet we are still remembering him.
Can you be the Samuel in your Church,School and Country?
Joshua 1:8.

Published by touchdworld

Oduyoye Joshua is a young, vibrant and intelligent minister of the Gospel.He is indeed the Joshua of our time as he always practically express Gods mind as to bringing Gods people back to God and not just vain religion. He is a Writer, a Leadership/ relationship Coach, a Public Speaker, He is a minister of the gospel of Christ with a unique calling to teach with great simplicity, clarity, precision & power. He's the Founder/Teacher of "Immaculate Global Outreach” an interdenominational Christian Teaching Ministry which focuses on disrupting ignorance, touching and transforming lives for kingdom dominion mandate. O. I. Joshua leads the online Campus & Singles world, Koinonia with Christ ,which is also a social media platform for new convert in Christ . His passions to see many come back home to God has got him traveling to different palaces for conference and revival meetings ,He also anchors the yearly young ministers conferences where many had testified to be a blessing . He works and resides in Lagos, Nigeria

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