*Our Creator’s Compassion*

“`Everything I am will praise and bless the Lord!O Lord, my God, your greatness takes my breath away“` “`*overwhelming me by your majesty, beauty, and splendor! You wrap yourself with a shimmering, glistening light. You wear sunshine like a garment of glory. You stretch out the starry skies like a tapestry.You build your balconies withContinue reading “*Our Creator’s Compassion*”


GRACE: God’s richest gift for you! A story is told of a poor lady who could not pay her bills. Hearing of this woman’ s distress,a kind hearted gentleman came to her home intending to give help. After knocking at the door for some time and receiving no answer, he concluded that she was notContinue reading “GRACE”


HIS PRESENCE HIS PRESENCE IMMACULATE GLOBAL OUTREACH Touching and Transforming lives    October 26th 2018 edition of FAITH MOMENT WITH O.I.JOSHUA. Tag; HIS PRESENCE: 5:00pm-6;10pm Bible Ref ; Exodus 33:14 And he said, My presence shall go with thee , and I will give thee rest.            FATHER in Heaven we thank you for you love overContinue reading “HIS PRESENCE”

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