There had been famine in the land of Israel. Elijah was divinely directed to go to a widow of Zarephath,the woman listened to Elijah’s instructions, they both ate and sustained. Elijah had no wife,this woman had lost her husband,yet story of sex scandal did not arise.

This is where the people in Bible days will stand against many pastors and so called church goers today. If your wife’s younger sister stays with you can she be safe? If your friend send her daughter on holiday can she be preserved? Has house maid not turned to house mate with your wife?There are many pastors that still have their wives around them,yet commit immorality with ladies in their churches,this is so because many ladies nowadays don’t want hard truth of the Gospel,unknown to them that errors in doctrines will cause harm than good.

Those deceitful pastors know that it is impossible to preach the entire Bible and still be girls chasers hence they modernize their teachings: just come as you like not as it is divinely right, what a great loss for a single lady that is sleeping with her pastor, automatically the chance of getting her Heaven sent husband is blocked because the place is not vacant.

Whatever a pastor may have,at the point he wants to defile you,there is nothing left for you to do in such church. No wonder there is no more power in the church,lots of men lick the dirtiest parts of women,can such mouths be used to talk to God? There is spiritual deadness everywhere.

Elijah the man of God stayed with this woman for more than a year and there was no sex scandal,no wonder when the Son of the woman died,Elijah prayed and he was restored to life; the Woman testified,Now by this i know that thou art a man of God and the word of the LORD in your mouth is truth (1Kings17:24) Stop polluting the church that Jesus Christ died for. With the sin of immorality,Heaven can’t back you up,a fornicator cannot build for God,except crowd that are not going to Heaven. Kudos to Elijah and this Widow,they represent a type of Jesus Church,that he might present it to Himself a glorious church,not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing,but that it should be holy and without blemish (Ephesians 5:27) Since the day of judgment has not come,the guilty can repent and stop grieving the heart of God. I rest divine case!

PROVERBS 6:32,33.
HEBREW 13:4.

Published by touchdworld

Oduyoye Joshua is a young, vibrant and intelligent minister of the Gospel.He is indeed the Joshua of our time as he always practically express Gods mind as to bringing Gods people back to God and not just vain religion. He is a Writer, a Leadership/ relationship Coach, a Public Speaker, He is a minister of the gospel of Christ with a unique calling to teach with great simplicity, clarity, precision & power. He's the Founder/Teacher of "Immaculate Global Outreach” an interdenominational Christian Teaching Ministry which focuses on disrupting ignorance, touching and transforming lives for kingdom dominion mandate. O. I. Joshua leads the online Campus & Singles world, Koinonia with Christ ,which is also a social media platform for new convert in Christ . His passions to see many come back home to God has got him traveling to different palaces for conference and revival meetings ,He also anchors the yearly young ministers conferences where many had testified to be a blessing . He works and resides in Lagos, Nigeria

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